Almost every guy hitting the gym has the desire to have six pack abs. They are ready to sweat it out, take all the pain and do all the hard work just to get that perfect body they desire for. However hitting the gym alone is not the only thing that is needed. The food that you eat should also be kept in check. The right food can help you gain the power to work out and build muscles and at the same time, the wrong food can make all the sweating go down the drain.

These two things together along with a few healthy lifestyle changes like taking proper sleep and maintaining correct posture can help you get to your goals quicker than normal.

Here is a list of some food products that you should eat if you are trying to score a six-pack:

  1. Greek Yogurt: This is one of the best things that you can eat if you are trying to build up your body. Each cup of this yogurt has 23 grams of muscle building protein. Not just this, this Greek Yogurt is rich in probiotics and calcium that are good for creating six pack abs. If taken every day, it also helps in removing a significant amount of abdominal fat that is there between your muscles and organs as per a recent study. However while having this yogurt one must be careful not to consume the ones that come in flavored versions. Rather they should stick to regular Greek yogurt with no added sugar and preservatives.
  2. Protein Powder: Protein powder reduces excise induced muscle damage and increases muscle recovery which happens because of the branched-chain amino acids present in it. So this is something that every gym going individual needs. Further, it has been seen that dieters who increased their protein powder intake, in general, lose more fat and got more muscles than those who took only the recommended amount daily. Also, there is nothing to worry if you have any allergy from the dairy proteins as this protein does not reflect the allergy indications even in the people who are lactose intolerant.
  3. Whole Grains: Whole grains offer complex carbs that are important to boosting your workouts and attaining your fitness targets. Further, stomach fat gets reduced owing to the fiber in whole grains. They also help in avoiding overeating. Since some whole grains can cause bloating, one can try including brown rice and wheat berries, to begin with.
  4. Asparagus: Asparagus is very good for people who want to cut down fats and build some muscles. It is very high in prebiotic fiber. This fiber fuels good bacteria in the digestive tract and assists in combating bloating. Further, it acts as a mild diuretic. Another thing that makes it so important in the diet of a gym going person is that it has high anti-oxidant value. This means that it may help in making the core muscles strong and in preventing inflammation-related weight gain. Other than this also, almost all the other green veggies are good to eat while gaining muscles and reducing fat.
  5. Almonds: Almond is highly nutritive when it comes to building muscles and in general as well. It helps in keeping things moving through the GI tract and thus prevents constipation and bloating. To add to this, the non-fermentable fiber in nuts is great for improving satiety and stabilizing blood sugar levels. It has also been seen as a result of a study that consuming 30–35 almonds every day helps in shedding abdominal fat.
  6. Green Tea: Green Tea has great health benefits. It helps in reducing excess belly fat. Further, it increases the amount of oxygen that is required while exercising. You can drink one glass of green tea before your workout too.

Other than these food items there are some foods to avoid too that are ultra-processed foods & alcohol as they can ruin all your efforts that you put in making your abs.