Sometimes there are so many deadly diseases that hardly have any cure.  Same as that there is a disease that had seriously no cure but because of the invention of the Ebola virus we can say that this is an amazing vaccine to cure the disease.

  • The Ebola virus disease also as the EVD is actually a type of deadly fever that has no cures and leads to fatal illness in human body.
  • The virus is spread through the animals to the Human body and spreads in all the human population.

However since this is a contagious disease spreads from human to human it could lead to a disaster to the human population. The virus was first seen and tackled in the West Africa. It was evidently a deadly disease that had sooner made a huge impact on the population of the African countries.


Also this Ebola virus had first been identified in the year 1976, and it was reported in Africa.  But by the years 2013 -2016 this Ebola virus took a huge turn on the humans and had almost resulted in deaths over 11,300 deaths, and even there was a huge requirement of a vaccine. The trial for the vaccination took place in Guinea and the area was still facing many new cases for the Ebola virus.  The trial area started in the year 2015. And then came up the solution to the Ebola vaccination that is coming of the ring vaccination, this is the same method that is required to solve and eradicate the small pox.

We all know that there are many diseases that have still not recovered with the disease. Also when a new case for the Ebola was discovered then the team discovered that the people who have Ben suffering from the same case since the previous weeks are the people living in the same household. The people who visited to see the patients or the people who are in close contact the people were getting affected and almost a total of 117 rings were identified and each ring clustered to make up an average of almost 80 people. The rings at the initial stage were randomized and made a vaccine immediately.


Adults over the age of eighteen years were offered the vaccine, so that they could be protected against the same disease. All the rings were given the same vaccine in order to check the results after the vaccine was made and even the children who are older than the 6 years were given vaccine to make them protected against the disease before it tried back to them. So the next time you go for Ebola virus remember that it can sooner be cured and you also get to see the vaccination before-hand.