The highlights of the new MacBook Pro are the Touch Bar and Touch ID. These can be two main reasons why users of Mac would upgrade to the very new MacBook Pro. The third party developers will be provided with Touch ID if they will add the right support in their respective Mac apps. 1Password for Mac from AgileBits is already started to work in Touch ID in the app called Password Management.

The CEO of AgileBits, Jeff Shiner has jotted in a blog post that their team of experts have already started their work on bringing Touch ID as well as Touch Bar support in their Mac app. He also continued that their team is putting in a variety of designs for the Touch Bar. The latest MacBook Pro will be coming in November. Right now, the developers are not having any kind of access to get the original hardware. But users will be able to build designs with the help of the latest release of Xcode that has simulators as well as other additions to it. Right now, 1Password for Mac will not be updated, as it will take a bit of time for adding the right support for the latest hardware for the Mac apps.

According to Shiner, “What (our designer) has come up with is really exciting and I can’t wait to play with it. I think that switching between my work and home vaults with just a tap is going to be the most awesome, albeit sliding my finger across the Touch Bar to generate a strong password comes in a close second.”

A demo of 1Password for Mac has also been uploaded in its YouTube channel. The clear demo of the working of the app animations can be seen in the video. It also gives us a detailed idea of how the design layout will look like, while we unlock the new MacBook Pros. The main objective of 1Password is to protect each and every password detail and it is a must have app.