With the advancement in technology and daily up gradation in the smart phoning system, if you have installed        iOS 10, you are in a better position and updated with the latest OS for the iPhone and iPad from Apple. If it is in getting your smart phone upgraded, Apple stands far much better than Google, Android, Windows and even MAC OS. So it becomes very interesting and easy as well to review such a product which everybody wishes to avail and know about it more and more and access the features to the fullest.

The smart phones from Apple has been successfully working for some time now and the iOS10 only alters some of its stuff a little and other things are a differently designed but rest are absolutely as you have been working with under the notifications and the 3D touch. Apple actually works to make iOS as the future of how computers should be working in the future. The iOS10 with several cosmetic changes to the applications have given a real revolution to the smart phone features. It has made the apps come true in such a way that it tends to express them even beyond the bars of the created icons.

Lock screen notifications & iMessage

To begin with from the starting the lock screen notification style is very much interesting as well as impressive. The unlocking feature is also redefined from slide to unlock to Touch ID and Home button press which is to take some time to get used to. The phone screen immediately wakes up as you lift it and starts to show its notifications on the lock screen itself where you can also reply to any message immediately without even unlocking it. This iMessage feature makes the iPhone a more user friendly one for its buyers. It also helps you have a small preview of your links that you received or sending in the chat window itself.

Siri & Music:

Siri is actually a computer program that works absolutely as an intelligent PA and knowledge partner that is largely being used by Apple Inc’s operating systems. You can speak out to or ask questions to Siri. There are quite a number of apps that are being controlled by Siri like payments, weather, messaging, photos, car-play systems, ride-share apps, Linkedin, open table, Uber, Watsapp and many others. In the Siri settings those apps been supported would be easily traced and used. One main feature of it being that you can only speak on it and not type for searching on Siri. Apple has always been the name for innovation in smart phone services. Music has also got a new definition with iOS10 in which you can get to look for music in your own library as well have the option to search new albums via any subscription. Simplification of few things including “Now Playing” screen and Spotify myself which gives you the scope to view the lyrics with a little scrolling down.