It is always said to kids that is not good for health. Now you can re-bounce with a proven answer to this. Yes, eating chocolate now has been proved to be a very good habit as it is linked with the heart health. You would be able to keep your heart fit if you consume chocolates in a large amount. Studies find potentials links between heavy chocolate consumption and the heart health. The researchers also add for the need of more study in the field to reveal the exact connection between chocolate and the health of your heart or find the existence of any other unmeasured factor.

The Research findings from the Luxembourg Institute of Health includes that intake of a small amount of chocolate every day prevent diabetes as well as insulin resistance in human body. They examined around 1153 people aged 18-69 years who were under observation in Luxembourg Institute of Health. It was found that an intake of 100g of chocolate by them every day have reduced insulin resistance and increased liver enzymes which is a positive sign in a Cardiovascular disease recovery. The WHO brings out the data which informs that by next 15 years around 24 million humans are going to die due to heart diseases, whose main cause being the lifestyle and food habits. Due to the Anti-oxidants chocolate have outstanding results in providing a positive control on human wellbeing which includes reduce blood pressure & improved insulin sensitivity. Chocolate intake has somewhat made differences in heart health that is proven but the exact link is still remaining in dark.

Evidences regarding how intake of chocolate actually helps are still behind curtains so along with his colleagues Dr. Oscar from Cambridge University works out on a huge scale check of the available evidences to assess the consequences of eating chocolates directly on heart attacks and strokes. This assessment was done with utmost sincerity by evaluating the results between two groups, one with chocolate intake and another with no chocolate intake. The differences in the study design were also measured to minimize the bias. The study established that the group with higher chocolate consumption has a noticeable drop in cardiovascular risks that is 37% and 29% lowered risk of stroke in comparison to that of the lowest levels of consumption.

Though the studies till date do not discriminate among the consumption of dark chocolate or any other type of chocolate but sticking with the option of dark chocolate has results as a whole. The researches still remain unsatisfied and wishes to further the study as chocolate are highly calorific and too much eating chocolates may increase weight as well.