The coming of drones has already marked the beginning of a new and advanced technology that we are yet to see. To many, drones are a wonder machine that can fly and reach out to places where an individual cannot reach. Obstacles are not a big deal for drones, and this is the major reason why major delivery companies, film makers and photographers have started making use of the small flying machines in large numbers. It has also to be noted that most of the countries have started using drones for the purpose of security too.

The beginning of November saw DJI announcing its drone Inspire 2. According to the company, the drone will be released with a speed that is much lesser than the earlier plan. This Chinese drone manufacturer informed that the Inspire 2 will be having a high speed of 58 mph, which is lesser than the early plan of 67 mph. The drone will take five seconds for reaching 50 mph, not four seconds as informed earlier.

According to the company, this chance was “necessary to ensure speed does not compromise video quality and stability.” The drone is mainly aiming for movie makers. It is equipped with obstacle tracking, two cameras as well as an image processing system. The image processing systems makes use of an onboard SSD. This will ensure high quality for the video captured.

The reduction in speed is not a big issue. But if you have already pre-ordered the drone for the sole purpose of its unique speed as earlier stated, with 67 mph, you can choose to go for a refund that the company is offering on the device. If you are well satisfied with the new speed rate, you may go ahead and get your pre-ordered one soon.