Does The Calculator Give An Exact Figure?

When pregnant, it is always advisable to plan things beforehand so as to get a touch of reality. Hence the need for the due date calculator crops up too! As the name suggests, the due date is just an approximation for the date of birth of the baby. However, every pregnancy is unique in its own way. They have their own unique symptoms and other factors. So nothing can be exact to be precise. The birth of the baby can only be predicted by the use of these calculators. But then the reality is always so unassuming. When a new life is about to come into the world, things do change definetely. Due date calculators are there for just 38-42 weeks of normal pregnancy. It has become a rage amongst young expec tant mothers to surf the internet and use the calculators according to their own discretion.


Question On How Should The Due Date Be Calculated

Now the question is that how should the due date be calculated? Well, it is calculated by just adding 280 days or roughly 40 weeks to the first day of the last LMP. LMP stands for the last menstrual period for a woman. Talking about pregnancy, a woman is pregnant before two weeks of conceiving. Its astonishing but true! Maybe, the due date calculator will not give one an exact figure of the baby birth. But the approximation that it provides is quite close to the reality. As an addition, the process seems to be pretty trendy and modern as well. In a rapidly progressing era where things are so fast paced, a due date calculator just makes things simpler and removes the uncertainties in a pregnancy regarding the birth of the baby.


The Facts And Figures Must Be Taken Into Account Too

Nevertheless, the online calculations are based on the internet. As a matter of fact, suggestions by the family doctor or a reputed hospital is much more closer to the reality than these due date calculators. Apart from giving an idea of baby birth, the family doctors can actually  give a whole lot of tips to be followed.  Statistically, only 5% of the babies are born on the due date as calculated online. This implies that in 95% of the cases, the birth of the baby takes place at 2 weeks before or after the due date mentioned which can be quite misleading at times.But then, this is how things work in reality.

The calculator not only gives the expectant mother a rough idea about the arrival of the baby, but it is also a comprehensive guide which prepares the mothers for a content future life ahead!