Myth 1:

You should visit the dentist only when you have a problem.


Dental problems just like any  other health problems are easier to treat, cheaper and less painful if caught by your dentist earlier.

A regular check up once every 6 months is necessary.


Myth 2:

Scaling (cleaning)of teeth cause teeth to loosen.


Scaling is a prophylactic (or preventive) measure to prevent cavities and gum disease. It prevents the teeth from loosening.


Myth 3:

Dental health is not related to oral health.


Teeth and gums are a body part and ignoring dental health  can lead to systemic problems. ,May increase the risk of cardiovascular disease ,can lead to heart attack, can lead to bronchitis, can lead to diabetes and other kidney and lung problems.


Myth 4:

Child milk  teeth do not need care since they are going to fall off anyway.


Early loss  of children’s teeth can lead to loss of space for permanent teeth and lead to crowding also, habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting etc. needs intervention by the dentist to prevent overbite and buck teeth.