Probiotics play a very important role in maintaining a healthy body. They not only assist to cure metal health illness, neurological disorder, digestive issues but, they also help in keeping a strong immune system and a better health. It has been scientifically proved that the benefits derived from probiotics extent beyond the expected limit. But, just like ever coin has two sides, if the benefits of them are so important and exceptional similarly the side effects of it are also too out of the line. Probiotics are the bacteria that support your body’s ability and help them absorb nutrients along with fighting against infection. They mostly found in the line of our digestive tract. Probiotics are found in our body right from the time we enter into this world. If probiotics are not in the right amount as in if they are less than the required amount then, the person has to go through skin infections, digestive disorders, flu and cold.


Probiotics lead to better immune system!

The recognition of gastrointestinal tract which helps in modulating the immune system is rapidly increasing since past few years. Further, studies have shown that approximately seventy five percent of our immune system lies in our gut and not only this; maximum antibodies are produced in intestinal immune system than the rest of the body. A poor functioning immune system can be a root of many degenerative diseases and illness. Probiotics, in many ways, possess the ability to synchronize with our immune system and then, strengthen, restore and rebalance our gut micro biome. They are friendly bacteria that stimulate healthy immune surveillance and further giving a boost to the cells those of which possess the ability to destroy cancer and other infecting organisms. At the time of acute stages of cancer or any other infection which can be dangerous to our health and body, probiotics upregulate inflammatory cytokines. Further, the inflammatory response of the body is also suppressed by these probiotics.


The right amount of intake of probiotics by the right age group!

There is no defined age group or category specified as of who should take probiotics and in what amount. Every person who is in a routine to eat processed or junk food, who is exposed to toxic or polluted environment, or he/ she has to go through a stressful or hectic schedule then they will surely need the right amount of probiotics in their body. Many of a time we observe that after taking a high dose of antibiotics or being on a continuous antibiotic prescription, we are easily susceptible to cold and flu. The reason behind this susceptibility is that the dose of antibiotics kill the probiotics present in our body (who protect us from infections), making it easier for the harmful bacteria to make us ill. But, despite this fact people still take high doses of antibiotics. This ignorance to the proved fact can lead to the final end of probiotics.

So, probiotics play an essential role in our body as they improve the production of many essential nutrients present in the body such as iron, zinc, all of the B vitamins, phosphorus, copper, calcium, and magnesium.