The spinal cord is indeed one of the most important parts in our body. It is the spinal cord or the backbone in simple words that keeps our system functioning effectively. Yes, it its said that if the spinal cord is damaged in any way, it does lead to other damages in the body. Our nervous system sends messages to the brain and if the spinal cord is damaged, this message sending system is disrupted and it can affect the brain deeding on the decree of damage of the spinal cord. Therefore, all of this does call for proper care of the spinal cord and immediate treatment must be taken if there is any sort of pain or injury in the spinal cord.


Spinal cord injuries can cause damage to brain

 There was not much observation or research on the fact that spinal cord pain or injury could lead to damage in brain. But, there are some scientists who have deeply researched on the topic. The results of the experiment proved that the injuries occur in the spinal cord could lead to a progressive loss of the nerve cells. These could lead to cognitive issues and depression. Depression can be caused by the spinal cord injuries. It so happens at times that such spinal cord injuries lead to problems like depression. Most of the times, people do not even realize that they could be undergoing such issues due to injuries in their spinal cord.


Animal studies have also proved the observation

The animal studies have also shown that spinal cord injuries can cause from mild to acute brain damage.  The injuries can lead to progressive brain tissue damage and such other issues. These things have been observed and concluded by several experiments that were conducted by scientists on the animals. It is also concluded that first time spinal cord injuries can lead to quite a lot of brain inflammation. These brain damages are not good and of course can cause a lot of harm to people. Brain damage is a very crucial thing and can really affect one’s lifestyle. There are major advancements that are done in this field and the studies are also continuing to prove so. There are many experiments that are run these days to validate such observations.


One must be careful with the spinal cord

 The spinal cord is thus a very important part of our body. Therefore, it calls for extreme care of the spinal cord. One must firstly be very careful with the spinal cord and in case they do undergo any sort of pain or injury in the spinal cord, then they must immediately take medical help. If there is any kind of delay and ignorance in treatment, then it could cause much more damage than would otherwise been done. Thus, the brain damage if once done can cause many such brain and other related issues so one must always try to avoid any kind of brain damage.