Food is the source of living. Therefore one cannot love id they do not eat. Now specially to all those who are food lovers one cannot deny the fact that wasting a crab diet or a healthy food tastes better but however food that is not a part of a healthy meal has always be loved like

  • chocolate cakes,
  • Pizza
  • Onion rings
  • Oily fat food
  • Burgers
  • Fish fry
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Meat etc

All these are surely a part of diet but however are 40% healthy. Fried foods are generally not healthy but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be a part of a diet.

Living and eating healthy always summarize to the concepts of nutrients. And as much of green vegetables are important to eat so is the friend oil too. A diet containing all the nutrients specially proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fat would make a complete diet. But anything in excess would definitely harm and anything in limit would also be harmful therefore one should remember to follow a diet that will fulfill the requirement of the need.

Wasting only junk food will build up the toxic fat and make a person fat and obese. Therefore following a healthy diet also reduced risks of many diseases. People who have excess of cholesterol are likely to suffer from the heart diseases. Also if one takes a lot of toxic fat in there are chances that one will suffer from the risk of having diabetes.

Toxic fat is something that one would find in thing purchase from outside. Items low in Trans fat would decrease the risk but however mostly the product that are junk and contains a lot of fat will be really creating a room for many diseases.

To avoid the risk of increasing toxic fat in the body it is necessary that one follows a diet plan. The diet plan can be originally made with the help of the dietician.

  • Also one can easily opt to choose eating appetizers like fruits and vegetable salad rather than eating any ready made junk food.
  • Fruits are the best way to avoid the random hunger that arises in your body and gives a small pause to it.
  • Eating fruits will not make you fat and also you can easily prevent having any junk diet.


Why is it necessary to keep a regular check on the diet?

Keeping a check on the diet helps to maintain the entire health of the body! It is frequently observed that the person who is fat will surely have less physical ability to work or run and even will run slow in stamina. The hormonal balance of the body gets disturbed when you have a high BMI. Putting on weight is not a problem but losing the stamina and the ability to work would restrict the body from doing any other physical work stop and make you a lazy person. So eat healthy eat fresh and live a healthy life.