Breastfeeding tends to be the best for the baby and the benefits derived from it can’t be restricted to the gain of nutrients as they are incalculable. Although acquisition of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals is essential for the baby but, along with them he first six months of breast feeding right after the birth of baby would instill him/ her with disease fighting substances that would protect them from illness. Further, it has also been well proved that breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the baby’s health but also it keeps the mother in good health. Listed below are the benefits derived from breastfeeding to both the mother and the baby.


Benefits to the baby


  • Breast milk is the best food for the baby that provides him with all the required nutrients and minerals and helps the baby to grow and develop. As this milk is custom made by the mothers, it contains just the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. Just as the baby starts to grow the milk would also change according to their requirements.


  • Studies have shown that children who have been drinking breast milk as their food right from birth to minimum six months tend to score better in IQ.



  • Mothers of newly born baby have to carry so man stuff with them from their clothes to diapers to what not and along with them managing the food for baby can be very complicated. So, in such cases breast feeding can be a portable and convenient means of feeding food to your child.


  • The next interesting fact about breastfeeding is that no matter what size of breasts do the mother has, they would produce sufficient amount of milk for the baby. More the milk baby drinks more the body will produce. Hormones adjust according to the requirement of the baby.


  • Further, the risk of cancer is also reduced when a mother breast feeds her baby. The breast milk comprises of n number of proteins and nutrients which help the baby to fight against all the germs and allergies and keep him in good health.


Benefits to the mothers


  • The most prime benefit that mothers get is the relationship between them and the baby. Breast feeding develops an unbreakable and indefinable bond between a mother and a child. The child starts to recognize his/ her mother at the initial stage of their life while the mother starts to learn the needs and requirements of the baby.


  • The breast milks are easy on budget as you don’t have to spend money of baby food at least right after the six months of delivery. So, this tends to be a relief amongst all other growing expenses that occur due to the birth and welcome of new member into the family.


  • Do you think you need to badly get into shape after the delivery? Then the most amazing news for all the mothers is that breast feeding helps a mother to burn calories. More the milk you baby feeds more calories your body will tend to burn.