Babies and infants need special care and attention as in order to reverse themselves for the motor activity which they need to do. More motor activities will help them in their growth and also to pep ho their senses. But, still there are some problems that cannot at once be tackled which are the speech delay.

The speech delay in the younger kids is the most common problem that is faced by parents. Now most of the parents actually could not understand this problem and are not able to find the root cause to cure it. The Delay in speech condition is when your child is not able to speak or say few words. Now some of the parents ignore this problem as they allow the age to be the fact problem for the kids to learn how to speak and say. Even according to a study, one out of five children has been having and going through the same problem.

The first and the most important thing to note is to start noticing the time period of the speech delay. If the child has not been talking or started talking to you at the age of 2 and above, then it is necessary that the parents of the child must consider talking to the child’s pediatrician.

There are many ways in which the parent can easily resolve the issue of speech delay. The ways to improve and boost up the speech practice is given below

The parents must have a conversation with kids 

The toddler might not be known to some words or how to express him in words so it is necessary to build their vocabulary.

Poor vocabulary also discourages the children from expressing

So if you feel your child is weak in expressing his or her thoughts then is it necessary that you start speaking words and chant them again and again so that the child pick up that word and start using it. The more you talk the more will be the wish of the child to express.  Hence conversation plays an important role in the life of the children.

Be descriptive

Labeling on objects like fan, television, pot, pen, chair etc must not be done only to use it as a tool of description.

Other Description like this is a fan, or this is a pen and the pen is used for writing. The Description of things will help them know an also identify the objects and its use.

Make them read

Reading is really a good way and helps the toddler to know and also develop the Reading habit of the child. Reading is the easiest as well as efficient way to boost the speed delay of the children.

Sing songs

Rhyming is the most efficient and easy way to make children start the speech.

It will also help the kids to build up the vocabulary and they would also start to talk or murmur.