Body is unanimously different but there are so many things that happen while you are asleep. Falling asleep has been a necessary phenomenon for the body but sometimes when you wake up there is a pain that occurs to you every morning.Body hurts in the morning and it is just because of the wrong feature that you sleep in. And this is because the body seems to undergo inflammation when you are sleeping and also when you wake up you feel suppressed.

Also the researchers have worked on with the humans and the mice cells coming with the inflammatory disease that is rheumatoid arthritis.

Talking about the patients with the RA positive comes with the same symptoms that vary through the day.

What happens when you wake up in the morning?

When we wake up in the morning a person is afflicted with the greater joint pains and stiffness. Therefore things like this make it really hard for the person. As you get up in the morning your body can undergo the circadian rhythms which mean that the inner clock tells us which time to get up. This clock can be harmed with irregular intervals of the body.

When you are in pain it is very much certain that you will not feel like working. And morning pain makes the day really dull and much more annoying so mornings always get disturbed. Also when the inner clock of the body gets disturbed then a person become unable to understand when to get up and when to sleep. This makes the person swinging in pain like a pendulum.

Also the coming up with the experiment taken up by the human and the mice who were exposed to light made the paws swollen and also there were traces to be seems in the blood levels. Now the experiment shows that sleep is a really necessary phone that helps to regain the freshness.

In the research done there are some specific proteins that take care of the inner clock of the body which keeps a track of the routine.  If this routine gets disturbed then the timings of the Body and even the muscles of the body makes it really irritating for the person.

How to resolve such problems faced by the body?

It is better to intake anti inflammatory medicines which would be really helpful in treating the person who undergoes the troubles in the body.

Also we know that the circadian rhythm of the body affects the pain. So the easiest thing to do is juts to have a regular exercise and thus is the easiest and the most assured thing to do when you have ongoing joint pains and body stiffness. In order to get yourself a regular sleep schedule, it is necessary that you must start working in with the timings if your body and also on the wake up and sleep tunings too.


So have a regular check in your timings and make it better.