Recently, Blackberry announced that it will not manufacture smartphones now. They will be focus on software and services division. Overseas partners will take over the smartphone division. Blackberry will just provide the brand name but, it will not manufacture smartphones anymore. John Chen said that they should focus on what they are best at, like software. Nonetheless, Blackberry its android smartphone in July, Balckberry DTEK50. Besides sleek design and light weight, the most important aspect of this smartphone was it’s security features. Blackberry claims that this is the most secured smartphone in the market. Is it actually that secure? Let us analyze it in this article on Blackberry DTEK50 Security Features.

 Security Features of Blackberry DTEK50

Blackberry claims it to be the world’s “Most Secure Android Smartphone”. It has a lot features to protect your privacy and details. Your private pictures and videos are personal property. Nobody has a right to breach it. Blackberry takes this into consideration and helps in you in securing it.

Your bank information, classified documents are always at risks. With Blackberry DTEK50, you can keep your financial information safe and secure.

DTEK by Blackberry constantly monitors the operating system and applications in your phone. It rates the security on the smartphone that keeps you updated about the security of your phone. DTEK alerts you when someone tries to invade your pictures and videos, tries to turn ON your microphone or tries to access contacts on your smartphone.

Blackberry DTEK50 provides encryption for all your files like media and documents. That means, its difficult to access files on your smartphone from a different location. Moreover, it provides password protection as well.

Its not just about how secure your phone is; its also about the response against the security breach. Other phones takes weeks to deliver s security patch while Blackberry delivers it as soon as possible.

Blackberry DTEK50

So these were the security features provided by Blackberry. Blackberry states, on the basis of these security features, that it is unique and the most secured smartphone ever built. But, there are a lot of glitches in Blackberry DTEK50.

DTEK50 security features are already available in Android. For example, when an app tries to access your the information on the phone, Android warns you about the same. It also claims its hardware is fully encrypted. Android 6.0 and above also provides the same feature.

Blackberry may have provided most of the security features, but they are not unique and definitely does not make DTEK the most secured phone on Earth. Besides security features, its camera quality is also not up to the mark. You get blurred pictures most of times. Blackberry features a sleek and stylish design which definitely makes a style statement. The battery back up is also more than average. It can last whole day unless you play videos and games all the time.

In the price range of Blackberry DTEK50, you can buy other smartphones with better specifications and features. The best thing Blackberry did was- stopped its production of smartphones and shifted its focus to software and services segment.