India is a country with people who are extra smart in many different ways. With the new change setting in by our PM, to ban Rs 500 & Rs 1000, the common man is ecstatic. But the very special groups of people known as the Black Money accumulators have already found ways to bypass this Ban.

Read through, Number 4 is purely, the work of an Evil Genius.

1. Currency Exchange:

The system of currency exchange is common in almost every city in our Country. The money hoarders are hysterically trying to get their hands on this system in order to exchange the banned notes for a foreign currency. Obviously, the value received for the banned currency will be less, but that is not an issue at all for them.


2. Donating money to Family Members, Workers or Employees:

As per the new RBI guidelines, an individual can deposit Rs2.5 lacs into their individual saving accounts and they will not be questioned any further. However, the ATM withdrawal would be limited to Rs 4000 per day and Rs 20000 per week until 24th Nov, 2016. The general idea is to convert the black money to white.


3. Getting hands on Illegal Gold:

Ever since Modi Ji announced the ban of currency, every gold outlet has faced a heavy walk-in of customers to secure the gold metal as much as they can. They would probably do another process to convert gold into cash in future.


4. Providing Loans to the illiterate with a very lower rate:

It was reported that a few politicians and Local MLAs in Kolar, Karnataka were letting out Rs 3 lacs per head as loan. The general public thought that this was a type of social service, until it was realized that every bill was of Rs 1000 and Rs 500. The loans are also said to be free of interest for the next six months.

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Please Note: Ever since the pictures posted above went viral, people have been commenting this news to be fake/irrelevant. They have been saying that these are from some event happened last year.  We still do not have a confirmation on this. However, this is still a way of getting away of Black Money.