A list of apps can be found for Android devices in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, majority of these apps work with the help of the internet. Even though there are a lot many apps that work without the internet in an offline basis such as the calculators, or the stopwatch, we do not make use of it for a longer time. We simply make use of it and then turn it off. Below are listed some of the best Android apps that perform well in an offline mode. In short, they do not need internet for their working.


Pocket is a wonderful app for the Android users. With the help of this app, user is able to save images, videos, text or similar other content easily. They can also access these files when they are not on the internet. Users are able to remain updated with content such as these and are able to save as notes for future use. One simply has to search and save the data on the local drive on an offline more. Later one, he can access it with ease.


Wikipedia is used by almost every person using the internet for knowing in detail about any topic under the sun. One cannot imagine the whole Wikipedia right in your device available without any internet. With the help of this wonder app in your Android device, you will be able to access the complete Wikipedia database without any fuss without the help of the internet. All you need to do is tap the topics that are listed in the UI style, fine the full details on it and read it within a jiffy, as you will not be disturbed by the low connectivity issue of internet.

Google Translate

The Google Translate can be called as the easiest and the most effective of the translators available. You simply need to speak or type into this app for being translated into more than 90 languages. The most important highlight of this app is that you can use it in an offline mode. You can even save the ones you have searched for translating and this saved information can be used for reference purpose in future.

Google Maps

The updated version of the Google maps is a real gem of an app that functions much better than its previous version. The app is very much easy to be downloaded. The offline areas tab in the settings menu makes it easier for download. You are able to download the maps of cities, get detailed information about the navigation system. All these, you can do it without the internet. Those maps that are downloaded during the offline mode will be deleted within 30 days in an automatic way. This will help in saving a lot of storage space.


Financius app has to be downloaded first. As soon as the app is downloaded, you can manage your expenditure or your income in a great manner. You are able to input the profit as well as loss or anything that is related to your income. This app is a great help for checking what your daily money activities are, and how certain areas of finances are left unnoticed. Multiple accounts are supported in this app.