Autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are the interchangeable terms that can be used to denote the complex brain development disorders. Just like every other diseases and disorders, autism can also be categorized as per varying degrees by difficulty in non verbal and verbal communication, social interaction repetitive behavior and body language. Austin spectrum disorder can be associated with difficulty in attention and motor coordination, intellectual disability, physical health issues like gastrointestinal disturbances and improper sleep. But, it has also been observed that people suffering from ASD might excel in music, art, math and visual skills.


All about symptoms

Austin Spectrum Disorder has its roots dug deep at a very stage of brain development. But, the most prominent signs and symptoms of Autism tend to appear between the age of two to threeyears. It has been proposed a lot of times by renowned physicians to fund research on methods that are effective for earlier diagnosis along with tested and proven behavioral therapies for improved and better outcomes. It is very important to spread awareness about autism and we should take initiative to inform about it to all our near and dear ones.


Every person suffering from Autism is considered to be unique. There might be cases often seen in which a person suffering from Austin perform excessively well in music, academic and visual skills. On and about forty percent of people going through autism spectrum disorder possess intellectual abilities that are either average or above average. So, not everyone feel burdened to have been affected by autism, instead some of them take pride and feel honored that they have been blessed with this atypical way to see the world and these distinctive qualities. But, the ones who have been targeted with the negative reactions of this spectrum can’t seem to live their life independently.

On an average, one third of individuals having ASD are nonverbal but, gradually they learn to communicate with others using other means. But people working on this disorder are trying their best to find out ways and treatments because of which no one will have to suffer. Because although some perform excessively well and gain all the support and respect but, there are also some who have to face significant challenges either in physical health or communication.


Causes of Autism Spectrum disorder!

Few years back, the answer to the question of “what are the causes of it?” would have been “no idea”. But now, people are getting answers.It has been proved just like there are no one particular type of autism similarly; there is no single cause of this disorder. In the past five years it has been identified by scientists numerous mutations and gene changes that associate with this disorder. Even if all these things take place at a very small level, it can still cause this Spectrum.

The most prominent evidences of this factors may be because of events during or before birth which included maternal illness during pregnancy, advanced parental age while conception, deprivation of oxygen to the brain of baby and complications at the time of birth.