Apple phones have always attracted the tech savvies right from the period they have launched their first Smartphone. Quality, Durability and Excellent performance are the hallmarks of Apple devices. With the mass production of these devices due to the high demand, there have been instances where the company was not able to bring in perfection to the devices recently. One such issue is being faced by iPhone 6S models that have been manufactured between September and October of 2015.

A small number of iPhone 6S models are found to shut down unexpectedly. This is the main reason why Apple has launched its second repair program in a single week for the purpose of solving this issue. It has to be noted that those devices that are showing this flaw, are only the ones that were manufactured between September and October the previous year. These devices will also be eligible for a free replacement of battery.

If your iPhone 6S is seen to show this problem, then all you need to do is check the corresponding serial number that is present on the device at an Apple store or with an Apple authorized service provider. The carries that offer the iPhone 6S will not be providing the battery replacements.

Right before taking the device to the store, the users of iPhone 6S are advised to create a backup of their data format the phone and then turn of the Find my iPhone. Apple says that the problems such as cracked screens will not be corrected as a part of this new repair service. Moreover, the unexpected shutdowns on those devices manufactured before or after the period mentioned above, will not be given the free battery replacement. If in case you have purchased a new battery and if your device is facing reboot issues, and if your device is manufactured between September and October 2015, then you will be provided a refund for the same.