Easy-to-follow tips to help your child to gain a sharp mind

Today’s digital age has given us a command over the electronic world full of gadgets such as video games, iPods, laptops, etc. Though the electronic moderation is fine but somewhere it had diverted our kids from practicing the activities that helps in stimulating their brains and bodies. There is nothing wrong in allowing the kids to use the electronics but as parents, we need to encourage them to get indulge in some or the other kind of activities that helps in raising both their bodies and brains.
To keep your child’s brain active and sharp, you may apply some of the useful tips.
Ask them to read something every day: That’s the most effective way to raise the working of your little one’s brain. Give your child a variety of materials to read. It can be books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Try to indulge with them and ask questions after they finished reading as to what they have understood, etc. This will help them in being creative and responsive on what they have read and learnt.
Apply mathematics activity in the kitchen: Most families spend their maximum time in kitchen. You can use this time to rise your child’s thinking ability. Try to give him some types of jobs in the kitchen like counting the number of jars kept in the above counter and comparing it with the ones kept in the lower rack. This will help him in applying the mathematics tricks to do so.
Keep your child active: Physical activity helps in stimulating mental activity of a child. Keep your child active in the outdoor games such as riding the cycle, engagement in any sport or anything to keep his body and imagination engaged.
Engage him with a new hobby: It’s another effective tip to make your child learn something new and creative. Search for a new interest for your child that he was ignorant of. It can be learning painting or taking a music class or anything. When your child learn new skills, his mind will become sharper.
Let’s play memory games: Another trick to keep your child focused. You can involve your child with any sort of memory game and check out whether he can memorize the previous task or not.
Keeping your child active and his mind sharp is not a daunting task. All you need to be is little more attentive and tricky while making your child learns new things.