I have always believed in a saying- Health is Wealth. This is because I have seen people from prosperous families with all the amenities and luxuries except one- Health. If you are not healthy, you cannot enjoy life. Sometimes, we are not able to decipher the reasons of being sluggish and tired. There are various reasons for being unhealthy. It may be genetic or it due to an unfavorable lifestyle. Poor health may be a sign of some serious health problem. Here, we are discussing about the potential signs of being unhealthy.

Signs you are Unhealthy

Skin Problems

Skin is an indicator for various ailments. If you have a bad skin, there is a probability of some illness. It all starts with acne and blemishes on your skin. Sometimes, there is constant itching. This can be a possibility of a skin infection. Most of the people complain about cracked lips. This is due to the deficiency of vitamins in your body.

Disturbed Sleep

Disturbed sleep can be identified by two patterns- you are either sleeping too much or you are sleep deprived. Too much sleep can be an effect of increased melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone which induces sleep. If you are not able to sleep and suffering from insomnia, it is because you are not active during the whole day. Energy reserves in your body does not exhausts during your day activities. This, in turn, affects your sleep.

Urinary Infection

If the urine is yellow in color, it is due to the less intake of water. Increase your water intake to solve the problem. If it does not help, this is a sign of some major health problem. If there is a burning sensation or frequent bathroom visits, it is time to consult a doctor.

Poor Digestion

Most of the ailments starts due to improper digestion. When the waste material is not excreted, it results in infection in your body. Moreover, if you are suffering from diarrhea, then it will result in dehydration and nutrients loss in your body. Improper digestion will disturb your sleep patterns and affect your energy levels.


Feeling tired and sluggish all day? This will surely affect your daily routine and it is a possible cause of various ailments. Sometimes, it is an indicator of increased sugar levels in your body. Try to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine.

Cold and Fever

Frequent Cold and Fever cases are the sign of low immunity levels in your body. This is because of poor diet and improper daily routine. Sometimes, it is genetic as well. Consult a doctor if you spend most of the time in bed.


The most common ailment all over the world. Yes, obesity is an illness itself. It is also an indicator of various health hazards, diabetes being one of them. Improper diet and laziness is the major cause of obesity. Try to adapt healthy lifestyle to avoid obesity.


If you are suffering from any of these signs, you are unhealthy. Change your lifestyle and consult a doctor before its too late. I hope you liked this article on signs that proves that you are unhealthy. Keep following Brainask for more healthy updates.