Working life is very different from your college life. This is not just in terms of the friends and socializing that you have but also in terms of your body, health, and fitness. A 9 to 5 job offers you very less room to remain fit and active owing to the work culture and busy schedule. This is the reason most of the office-goers say that they have put on a lot of pounds in their current job.

Here are some reasons that tell that your ongoing job is responsible for adding those extra pounds:

  1. The increase of Junk Food in the Daily Diet: Blame it on to your own fondness for junk food or your colleagues who eat it, junk food has become an inseparable part of your daily food. It has been shared by one-third of employees who are on a diet that their colleagues push them to have less healthy food options or junk food to put it straight. So every time they are having a packet of wafers or candies, they don’t forget to offer you some. The best way to get a hold of this situation is to keep the junk food out of your sight. It has been noticed that we tend to eat more when the food is directly in front of our eyes. Therefore, it is best to have a seat away from a junk food lover. The less you will see, the less you will be tempted to eat it.
  2. You Have Lunch With Your Team: In a survey, it has been seen that we tend to eat 30 percent more if we eat with another person. Further, while chatting we pay less attention to how much we are eating. The way to avoid this situation is to pack your own lunch and eat from your lunch box only with a bite or two from other boxes.
  3. The Office is Too Cold: Cold weather induces us to eat more as we feel warm after consuming fats. Often the AC in the offices propels us to eat more. To fix this problem, try to dress for the weather inside and not for the weather outside. Another good way according to a research is to adorn casual attire if it is possible. In the research, it was found that the employees who wear more casual clothes are agiler and therefore burn more calories than those who wear formal and business attire.
  4. You Have a Windowless Cube: Sounds so irrelevant. Does not it? However, this is yet another reason behind your weight gain. It has been seen in a research that there is a link between how much weight individual gains and his exposure to natural light in a day, especially in the morning. The theory behind this is that morning natural light helps in keeping the hunger clock of your body ticking normally. This means that if you don’t get enough sunlight in the day then this can lead to increased hunger & insulin resistance. The way to fix this situation is to take a longer route to the office to get maximum sun exposure or taking quick walks in the sun before noon time.
  5. Stress Eating is Your Thing: It has been seen that when a person is stressed & under pressure he tends to eat more. And we all know how stressful work can be. In the situation of stress, the body releases hormones that increase appetite and this makes the person crave more for fatty foods. The best way to fix this problem is to take regular detachment breaks. Try to walk out for a few minutes off your seat or listen to calming music. Still in case if you have stress and you feel like eating then try for some healthy options.
  6. Your Schedule is Too Tight: If your work is too stressful and keeps you too busy, then it is something not too good for your health. This means that you would have no time for a personal life and therefore no time for exercise in your schedule too. An easy way to fix this is that on the days you feel you will be too tired, try to start the day with a hearty meal. It has been seen in a study that if you have good and wholesome breakfast in the morning then your need for extra calories throughout the day is reduced. To add to this, if you do not have time for regular exercise then try taking stairs instead of using elevators or try to park your vehicle at the farthest point from your office. Other than this, try getting up from your seat at regular intervals for work like using the printer on the other side or using the far off washroom.


Try getting these changes in your life and you can see a change in your health over time.