What is the key for success? It’s preparation! If you have an examination, you need to study well. If you have football match, you need to hone your skills. You have to workout, you should prepare well. Why do you need to prepare before workout? Well, I’ll answer this question in a while. A most common mistake all the fitness aspirants do is that they don’t take their workouts seriously. This could lead to severe implications like an injury or a poor workout. You can prevent all these by preparing for your workout beforehand. Here, we have discussed things you should definitely do before workout.

Things to do before a Workout

Pre Workouts

Whether your aim is to lose weight or gain muscles, you need adequate energy level before you hit the gym. Your pre workout meal should be rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. Complex carbohydrates do not break down easily and provides energy over a long period of time. You can a small serving of oatmeal or fruits like banana and apple.


If you are serious about weight lifting, you need to supplement your diet with branched chain amino acids and glutamine. This will help in preventing muscle loss due to strenuous exercise. If your focus is on weight loss, consider taking a fat burner which will elevate your energy levels, resulting in greater oxidation of fats, increased metabolism and therefore, optimum weight loss.

Stay Hydrated

Your cells cannot function without water. In order to sustain the energy levels during the workout, keep yourself hydrated with water. Don’t gulp water just before workout, it will hamper your performance. Drink it half an hour before the workout. During the workout, take a sip in small measures at regular intervals. You can also add minerals supplement in your water. This will maintain the pH levels in your body and prevent any cramps in the muscles.

Track your Workout

Before we do anything, there is an idea. After the idea, we make a plan. Afterwards, we implement the plan. Similarly, before workout, you should be aware about the particular exercises. You should know different exercises for different body parts along with the number of repetitions. This will help you in tracking your progress over a period of time. You will able to analyse your gains and losses. This way, you can customize your schedule as per the results.

Warm Up

This is the most important thing to do before workout. The most common cause for an injury during a workout is improper or no warm up. I have seen people directly starting their workout without any warm up preparations. Then, I don’t see them after a week! A perfect warm up prepares your body for the oncoming project. Your muscles get relaxed and blood diffuses into your veins.

Steady state cardio exercise like walking or cycling for 15 minutes is enough for the warm up. After warming up, stretch your body. This will prepare your body and mind for the main workout.


Don’t risk your health and stay fit with these must do things before workout. I hope you liked this article. Keep following us for more amazing updates on Health and Fitness.