Mbah Gotho is the oldest living human being on earth according to the official local records. He is 145 years old! Patience, he says, is the secret behind his longer lifespan. If you analyse the life of various centennial persons from all over the world, you will realize that they had a peculiar lifestyle. According to the most of them, proper sleep and avoiding smoking is the key for their longevity. But, there were exceptions as well. Some indulged in pleasures of life like smoking and drinking. Here, we discuss about some habits for a longer life. If you follow these habits, it will improve your lifestyle and hence, quality of life.

5 Things to do for Longer Life


Well, this may sound too obvious. But, this is the most contributing factor for a longer life. Spend at least 30 minutes everyday on some physical activity like jogging, walking, cycling, etc. Exercise helps in avoiding obesity and eliminating harmful free radicals. This, in turn, reduces your stress levels. Indulge in your favorite games like football or basketball. Don’t make exercise a task. Instead, make it a routine affair just like brushing teeth!

Avoid Processed Foods

The main reason for obesity and other health problems is the consumption of processed foods. Processed foods are rich in calories and deficient in nutrients. Moreover, it contains high amount of simple carbohydrates that will increase fat levels in your body. Moreover, fiber and mineral content is very low. This is certainly not suitable for your health. High consumption of processed foods causes digestion problems.

Get Close to Nature

You must understand that we are a part of Nature. The closer we are, healthier will be our lives. Eat organic food that is rich in nutrients and free from chemical  fertilizers. There should be trees in your surroundings for fresh air. Fresh air will purify your blood and keep your organs healthy. Adapt to walking and try to be as active as you can. At last, your routine should be in sync with the nature. That means, rise with the sunrise and sleep early after the sunset.

Quit Smoking

I know it’s hard. But, the cruel fact is each cigarette shortens your life by 11 minutes. It can rob you of your precious moments you can spend with your family, friends or traveling. Moreover, it is the root cause for most of the respiratory diseases, cancer, etc. Quit smoking and live a longer life amongst your loved ones.

Manage your Stress levels

Nowadays, we have a lot of reasons for being in stress. We are not satisfied with our job, financial problems, unhealthy relationships, the list goes on. This puts a lot of burden in our mind and it directly affects our health. The best way to manage stress levels is to meditate. Meditation is immensely helpful in relieving stress and restoring calm, peaceful mind.


Everyone desires a longer life. You can actually live a longer and happier life by adapting above suggestions and habits. I hope you liked this article. Keep following us for more information on Health and Wellness.