By each passing day innovation is turning out to be increasingly propelling that advantage mankind a lot of in light of the fact that it made existence of a man so much simple and quick. As we discuss Mobile or phone which were extremely uncommon in past days yet after some achievement researcher just made remote telephones which reformed the life of individuals. However, after the innovation of Mobile telephone it made individuals distraught by its component and working on the grounds that help the individual in conversing with anyone on wherever they are presently similar to a smaller than normal PCs which can be hold close by.

Presently mobile phones are turned out to be most vital for everyone in this world in this manner they are accessible of shabby and in addition costly costs. Be that as it may, a few phones are most costly in this world. Here beneath, we have come upon with 5 most expensive phones in the world 2016. Let’s have a look:

  1. Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 ($95.5 Million)

Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iphone 6 is a most recent representation which is likewise most costly cell phone and first position in this rundown. This gadget conveys stand out immense 18 carat precious stone which can get the attention of some body on it. It comes in two precious stone hues that are pink or blue. Conveying the cost of 95.5 million dollar, it is positioned as the most costly telephone in the world.


  1. iPhone 5 Black Diamond ($15.3 Million)

IPhone 5 Black Diamond as every one of us realizes that iphone gadgets are costly yet this cell phone is most costly with so much costly rate that is 15.3 million dollars. As we realize that dark precious stones are rarest in this world that are utilized as a part of this cell phone, hence, the cost of this handset which is around 15.3 million dollars lands it on the second position on the rundown.


  1. iPhone 3G King’s Button ($ 1.5 million)

Iphone 3G King’s Button is likewise most costly cell phone and on third position in rundown of most costly cell phones as it is in name that is Button which implies Home Button which is made of great 6.6 carat jewel that gives more magnificence to this cell phone and considered as most extravagant mobile phone.


  1. GoldVish Le Million ($ 1.3 million)

In this phone, as it has name in which Gold and Million is utilized so it is as much costly as this is demonstrate in its innocence as this cell phone is made and fabricated by extraordinary creator Emmanuel Gueit and this gadget is propelled in delightful nation Switzerland. This versatile is made of extraordinary and pure white gold of 18 carat which is introduced with VVS1 evaluated jewel of 120 carat.


  1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($ 1.3 million)

This cell phone is likewise uniquely made for all rich and prominent individuals who simply utilize this kind of costly cell phone to got consideration and to their identity. It is most costly cell phone since influence encryption innovation is utilized as a part of this gadget so it is generally utilized for the insurance of data since it is more secure cell phone to secure data.