Everyone loves to eat. Some eats a lot and some does not care to eat. There are different types of food available in the market. It depends upon you which one to choose. Your body requires all the essential nutrients to function properly. You will get your nutrients package from the type of food you are eating. Eating is a science and there are a lot of things we don’t emphasize upon while eating. Here, we listed eating habits that you should drop or change and start living a healthy life.

Eating Habits to Stop

Skipping Meals

I agree that you must be too busy with your work. But, you should not skip your meals. Meals and work are equally important in your life. If you’ll skip meals, your body will adapt to it. You will burn less calories because you are not eating enough to fuel your body. When you don’t eat, you body will judiciously use the calories stored in body. This will hamper your weight loss goals.

Also, when you skip meals during daytime, you tend to overeat at night. Your dinner should be the lightest meal but since you have skipped your lunch, you will consume extra calories in your dinner. This will lead to weight gain.

Count Calories

Initially, this could be a boring task. But eventually, you will start loving it. You will understand the nutritional information on different products. When we don’t keep a check on calories, it leads to either consuming more or less calories than required. Counting calories will help you in planning your diet if you want to loose weight or gain muscles. It will increase your knowledge about calorie content for different sources of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


Drinking too often leads to extra consumption of calories. First of all, when you drink, you consume a lot empty calories. It does not provide you nutrition but it will supply extra calories. Moreover, drinking increases your appetite. You tend to eat more than you normally consume. This results in more calories! Not only this but drinking suppresses your metabolism. Your body is not able to utilize the calories in an effective way. This all leads to unnecessary weight gain.

Ditch Diet Foods

Diet foods have less calories, agreed! But, they are deficient in nutrients, fiber and does not satisfy your hunger. For example, you consume a diet bar. It promises to meet your nutrient needs and restricting calories intake. But, when you don’t have fuel to work upon, how will your body function? Your body is a machine that demands energy. You will get energy when you consume calories from the right, healthy sources and not diet foods.


You are eating wholesome foods rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Its a good habit! But, you are eating more than required, it’s one of the bad eating habits. You need to control your temptation and restrict your calorie intake according the requirement. If you will consume more, you will gain weight. Exercise regularly and consume wholesome food in limited quantity as per your fitness goal.


Start following a healthy diet habit and avoid these bad eating habits. I hope you liked this article. Keep following Brain Ask for more updated on Health and Fitness.