Food plays a very important role in maintain the health, after all the nutrients of the body are provided from the food. Therefore whatever food you take will also be reflected on your health and your age. Therefore below given is the list of the food that affects your health and makes you look younger.



  • Coffee contains bio-active compounds that help to protect your skin from melanoma
  • Also the intake of more coffee will save the people from getting any disease.
  • The people who are drinking four cups daily have a 20% lower risk of developing malignant melanoma.



  • Watermelon consists of lycopene which is an antioxidant compound that also help to give watermelon and tomatoes the red color
  • It also help the skin stave off the UV damage.



  • The seed of the fruits consist of various antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which helps to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and dryness by providing it neutralization to free radicals of the skin.
  • More the vitamin C less will be the dryness of the skin.
  • The fruits also help to increase the collagen production which helps to give a firmer look to the skin.
  • The ellagic acid present in it reduces the inflammation caused by the UV damage.



  • It helps to boost the radiance by popping up some of the plump beauties.
  • Blueberries are also a rich source of vitamins C and E
  • The vitamins C and E helps to brighten the skin, even out the skin tone and also fight off the free radical damage.



  • Lobster is high in zinc, and also the shellfish has the anti inflammatory properties which protect the acnes and the skin annoyances.
  • It also helps in renewal of the skin.



  • The eggs help to fulfill the deficiency of the proteins in the body.
  • They help to build u the cubicles and also help to provide protein to the body.
  • Also the Eggs are good sources of biotin which is a B complex vitamin that helps to metabolize the amino acid.
  • Proteins are the building blocks of the body therefore it also helps in growth and development of the body.




  • Walnuts are the dry fruits that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • The Omega-3 fatty acids help to keep the hair hydrated
  • Walnuts also contain vitamin E which helps to repair the damaged follicles and the split ends of the hair
  • You just have seen that many of the hair oil consist of the walnut oil which helps to give you the lustrous strands and the walnuts are full of nutrients.


Fruit: Avocado Isolated on White Background

  • The Avocado is rich in oleic acid,
  • It also consists of omega-9 fatty acid which helps to hydrate the skim and also keeps it soft, plump and supple.



  • The fruit is a sweet melon which consists of beta carotene, or vitamin A.
  • It also helps to regulate the growth of the skin cells and also make the hair stronger.